ATPESC 2020 Hands On Lessons

Hand Coded Heat Why use numerical packages... Video to be added
Meshing and Discretization with AMReX A Block Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Framework Video to be added
Unstructured Meshing & Discretization with MFEM Finite Elements and Convergence Video to be added
Sparse, Direct Solvers with SuperLU Role and Use of Direct Solvers in Ill-Conditioned Problems Video to be added
Rank-Structured Solvers with STRUMPACK Using STRUMPACK for dense and sparse linear systems Video to be added
Krylov Solvers and Preconditioning with MueLu/Trilinos Introduction to Krylov Solvers and Preconditioning, with emphasis on Multigrid Video to be added
Krylov Solvers and Algebraic Multigrid with hypre Demonstrate utility of multigrid Video to be added
Nonlinear Solvers with PETSc Introduction to Nonlinear Solvers: Newton-Krylov Methods and Nonlinear Preconditioning Video to be added
Time Integration with SUNDIALS Role and Impact of Time Integrators in Solution Accuracy and Computational Efficiency Video to be added
Multidimensional Rosenbrock with PETSc/TAO A practical introduction to large-scale gradient-based optimization Video to be added

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