Why a new numerical libraries lessons site?


Major improvements include responsive layouts, programmable pull-down menus, block and in-line native LaTeX, expandable Q&A's...

…and to learn more about Jekyll, Liquid, YAML Frontmatter, SASS, CSS and GitHub Markdown for hosting this content going forward.


  • Based on the Feeling Responsive Jekyll theme by Phlow.
  • Inline and Block Native LaTex with MathJax
  • Expandable Q&A’s that hide/show lesson questions.
  • Responsive Gallery, Videos, Grid, Typography,…
  • 100% GitHub Pages friendly (e.g. no special plugins)
  • Easy editable navigation, footer and social media links
  • Language Ready – just translate one file.
  • Lots of possibilities to customize it to your needs
  • Uses Jekyll 3.0
  • Multiple possibilities to use images in different ways
  • Fine typography
  • Play Video and Audio with Mediaelement.js