ATPESC 2018 Hands On Lessons

Using adjoint for PDE-constrained optimizationAdjoin time dependent differential equationsNo Video
Hand Coded HeatHello World for Numerical PackagesYouTube
Krylov Solvers and Algebraic MultigridDemonstrate utility of multigridYouTube
Unstructured Meshing & Discretization with MFEMFinite Elements and ConvergenceYouTube
The Obstacle ProblemNumerical OptimizationYouTube
Adaptive MFEM+PUMI WorkflowConformal Unstructured Mesh Adaptation for Linear Elastic Tensial LoadingYouTube
Sparse, Direct SolversRole and Use of Direct Solvers in Ill-Conditioned ProblemsYouTube
Time Integration & Non-Linear SolversRole and Impact of Time Integrators in Time to SolutionYouTube

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