VIPs of Extreme-Scale
Numerical Software

During a normal, in-person, year at ATPESC, you would have the opportunity to hear and meet these VIP researchers and thought leaders in extreme-scale scientific computing and numerical software. During this year’s virtual event, we provide pre-recorded presentations and slides that are packed with insights on leading-edge research in scientific computing; we encourage you to explore at your convenience.

Researcher Topic Resources
Jim Demmel Communication-Avoiding Algorithms ATPESC 2019
slides, video
GaMM-SIAM E-NLA, June 2020
Jack Dongarra An Accidental Benchmarker ATPESC 2021
Jack Dongarra Adaptive Linear Solvers
and Eigensolvers
slides, video
David Keyes Adaptive Nonlinear Preconditioning for PDEs with Error Bounds on Output Functionals University of Manchester, 2021
David Keyes Data-sparse Linear Algebra for Large-scale Applications on Emerging Architectures GaMM-SIAM E-NLA, September 2020
slides, video